Simone Micheli connects design to Art – Fashion – Food – Journalism – Music – Show – Sport

Ventura St. 14 – Milan, VENTURA MILANO district

9 September 2021 | 11:00 – 20:00, by invitation only
196+ forum Milan
17:00 | Presentation of the volume published by Skira – Simone Micheli architecture since 1990

5-10 September 2021
opening hours
10:00 – 20:00 | 5-9 September 2021
10:00 – 18:00 | 10 September 2021

in collaborazione con 196+ forum Milan, PKF hotelexperts
media partners AboutHotel • Guest Magazine • Luxury Excellence magazine • Matrix4design •
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con il patrocinio di Assimpredil Ance Milano Lodi Monza e Brianza

Hotel Regeneration – the largest and most involving exhibition/agora dedicated to contract – returns to be, in 2021, the beating heart of Lambrate district.
The Fuorisalone in the Ventura Milano district wants to give a restart signal to the design fair world with the 2021 edition taking place from the 5th to 10th of September – that will lead the whole neighbourhood to the next edition, in 2022.
Hotel Regeneration, organized in collaboration with the 196+ Forum Milan (Hotel & Tourism Forum), PKF hotelexperts, mixes experimental installations of the highest profile with a dense schedule of thematic conferences.
Hybridization, contamination, alteration are the keywords that will lead the content and formal happening signed by the architect Simone Micheli for the FuoriSalone 2021, giving life to a space dedicated to hospitality where the functions are contaminated and the rooms are osmotically merged, thanks to a smart use of technology and materials connected to the innovation world.

There will be eight different installations dedicated to prestigious international hotel chains and each family them will be aimed at a person of excellence from the world of entertainment, music, journalism, critics, sport, cuisine and fashion: Taste Lounge Bar & Restaurant to the tv presenter Carlo Conti, Physical Spa to the trainer and former footballer Fabio Cannavaro, Comedy Room to the actor Carlo Verdone, Opinion Room to the Art Critic Vittorio Sgarbi, Rewind Room to the actor and former swimmer Raoul Bova, Lyric Hall to the tenor Andrea Bocelli, Cellar Room dedicated to Chef Enrico
Bartolini and Reality Room to the journalist Bruno Vespa. The exhibition will be completed by spaces dedicated to meetings, business and information: Conference Area, Info Point to welcome new guests, and the Re-working area where the entrepreneurs and professionals will build winning relationships, significant for future business developments. Each fragment comes to life from the iconic and distinctive trait of the architect Micheli – thanks to the support of prestigious partner companies of international standing – aimed for the creation of a truly immersive and stimulating artwork. Hotel Regeneration is a breakthrough narrative where human senses hybridize, break the ordinary and showcase the future of hospitality: innovative, smart, visionary, challenging, and yet winning, businessoriented and sustainable. A real challenge is on stage, the one between art and technique, beauty and efficiency, evanescence and eternity, which acquires in this way a shape and becomes a contemporary icon thanks to the power of ideas. Hotel Regeneration goes beyond the traditional exhibitions, it dynamizes the concept of exhibition by configuring itself as a Kermesse of events, conferences, workshops and meetings dedicated to business, real estate, design, architecture and training. A sparkling and iridescent container in which supply and demand meet and tell the nature of tomorrow’s hospitality.

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