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“Slow Tile” is a project born in Florence from the work of the “lateral creatives” of the Social Cooperative Made in Sipario Onlus in collaboration with experts in ceramics and design such as architect Leone Pecchioli and scenographer Perla Gianni Falvo. The Cooperative represents a training and experimentation gym, which combines special creativity and design and is characterized by its constant working activity, developed over the years, which in this project is reinterpreted and enhanced thanks to the experience of professionals in the ceramic and design sector, giving life to a high-end line appreciated by people with refined taste and sensibility.


In the laboratory of the Cooperative a phenomenological attitude is cultivated, allowing the “lateral qualities” to emerge. The care, intensity and love with which they fill the sheets on which they work with drawings and colors suggested fixing the fruits of their imagination and gestures on something more lasting. One of the noblest products was therefore chosen, as a white sheet on which to express oneself: a handmade and hand-glazed terracotta from the ceramic area of Tuscany by one of the last artisan realities, which then also cooks the products. ‘of the lateral creatives.


As Slow Food does with food, we want to give the right value to the manual decoration of hand-made elements, in respect of those who produce and decorate, in appreciation and enhancement of the peculiar characteristics of our “Special Artists”, including the “slowness” of the execution and at the same time, however, “the reliability” of the product executed, when the knowledge, which has become competence, is structured in professionalism, as well as the “creativity” that develops beyond any cognitive and relational capacity .


“Slow Tile” project aims to support the company in meeting its two main goals: the “training” goal by activating specific tutoring interventions so that disabled people grow in competence and professionalism also in the new “Ceramics” sector; and the goal of “economic self-sustainability” by activating, in collaboration with experts in the ceramic and design sector, new strategies in terms of products, processes, organization and markets, and thus succeeding in promoting equal opportunities in work and creating new jobs for disabled people.


Made in Sipario Social Cooperative today

Made in Sipario Social Cooperative Onlus was founded in 2011 to offer disabled people a real opportunity for social and working integration, and as a social enterprise makes use of work as a tool for promoting equal opportunities and human dignity. Over the years, it has developed an innovative business idea by combining business skills / needs with social objectives and becoming a qualified production reality, ready to respond to market needs in an adequate and competitive way. (
“Made In Sipario” is today a real, dynamic and productive laboratory of artistic craftsmanship, where market rules and solidarity coexist and are strengthened and where the biggest challenge always remains “being able to achieve economic sustainability” ( together with the formative challenge of course!). This is why “SLOW TILE” project was born which, opening us to new and innovative ways to stay on the marketplace, will certainly help us to offer new job opportunities both to disabled people already included in the laboratory and to others and not only disabled people. We will thus be able to realize our dream: to have a world in which diversity is known, welcomed, valued, a world of men and women animated by hope and trust in the future, with the will to do their part to build a piece of it.

Artists at work

Artists at work

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